Socket Embroidery


Shirley came into our Sunday morning Bible class wearing a beautiful, white sweater that had intricate designs worked into it. I had to touch and feel the work, while saying admiring words like, “Did you do this?” I could ask that because Shirley is very talented with making crafts and sewing.

She answered swiftly in a this-is-an-old-thing-tone, “No, I did not. This is just Socket Embroidery.”

I and another classmate, June, glanced at each other in puzzlement. We’re both into things like embroidery and cross-stitching and we’d never heard of the Socket method. So we bombarded Shirley with questions until her eyes glazed over and her mouth slightly opened. We quickly took the cue that she didn’t know what we were talking about, so we explained that when I asked her if she’d made the sweater she said it was just Socket Embroidery.

The glazed look disappeared and Shirley laughed saying, “I didn’t say Socket Embroidery! I said sort-a-like embroidery! My goodness…!” and then we were all laughing and apologizing.

Still, June and I felt a little disappointed that we weren’t going to learn a great new method to decorate cloth.


Tam Raynor

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