Mama Thomas Went Away

Hadn’t written her in awhile

I was too busy

Thought I’d see her again one day

She was too sick

Evening call that she was dying

I rushed her a message

Morning call that it was too late

Angels rushed her on

Cried over photos and her songs

Made a video

And wished I’d been a better friend

Made a new resolve…

Be a better friend.

Mama Thomas passed away on Sunday, October 16th and you can see my memory video about her at:

You can read about my experiences with her in Section B of my book Mzungu Expressions under the short story “It All Started With…” at the following address:

Tam Raynor

5 thoughts on “Mama Thomas Went Away

  1. I was honored to have met this woman and her son, Thomas, while I visited Tam. I was honored twice to have conversed with her on Tam’s webcam. I was aware of the family problems that arose because her and her son chose Christ over the world. What a dedicated and kind sister in Christ she proved to be.
    In her memory,
    Gayle Gregoire–Tam’s sister

    • Thanks, Gayle. Thomas called us that Sunday and wanted to make sure I told you that MT sent her greetings to you, along with Thomas.

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