Twenty Old Slide Photos

Pulled out a couple of plastic tubs to search for something misplaced

Tons of dust; oops, guess I forgot to do that chore in that particular closet

Removed many stored objects that I must have needed to keep for some future reason

Found the misplaced something but also re-discovered a treasure in a plastic sandwich bag

Twenty old slide photos, beat up, stained, spotted with ground-in dust, and sporting aged-colors

Hard to tell what was on them, felt compelled to bring out my digital slide converter

And transfer the fifty-some-odd-year-old slides to my computer

Opened them up and there I was

A new born lying face down in bed

A one-year-old getting my first official photo portrait

Me and my handsome Dad

Me and my beloved grandmother

Me in my coveted cowboy boots and holding my Roy Rogers pistol

Me and my little sisters

Twenty slides that tell a bit of my history

For some stubborn reason, several someones had hung onto them all these years and there they were

In a plastic tub in my particular dusty closet

In a plastic sandwich bag

Tam Raynor


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