Feeling Wintery Now

Six-sentence prose idea I learned from http://krystalwade.blogspot.com/

Krystal has a “Six Sunday” thing going where each Sunday she posts her six-sentence-prose. I thought I’d give it a try today, to tell you what happened to us early this morning.  Introducing my first six-sentence-prose …


          Tam told her sister, on her video call, “Yeah, I woke up sometime around three-thirty and couldn’t seem to get back to sleep. It dawned on me that I wasn’t hearing any of the normal noises outside, like the 18-wheelers and vehicles that usually go past, but instead only the occasional sounds of wind rushing through the trees just outside our bedroom windows!”

          “I woke up, too,” added Chris, sitting next to Tam peering at her sister on the computer screen, “and we both went to the kitchen to get some water and after finishing my glass, I looked out the front door window to see what was up. Snow was everywhere, and I couldn’t even see that we had a sidewalk, it was that thick.”

          Tam agreed, continuing, “I peeked out the back window and saw the snow shimmering brightly under the night light from the building across the alley, and there were eight to ten-inch snow drifts against the house! It’s only five days before Christmas Eve and, finally feeling the sensation of being wintery, I finished the night out dreaming of the “snow-day” I was going to have with no school!”


Tam Raynor

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