In Conclusion, Twenty-Eleven


clip_image001 Published my first book on sale with, Dove on a Barb’d Wire

clip_image001[1] Subbed in the spring around the southwest, and in the fall, two months as a full time Spanish teacher

clip_image001[2] Got a job being a Para-Educator at the high school in Meade

clip_image001[3] Wrote and designed a children’s picture book, haven’t published it yet, but am in the works

clip_image001[4] Started a new blog with my “pohms” telling of my experiences in Kansas at

clip_image001[5] Got into a reading group with the library for one book’s worth

clip_image001[6] Did a speech at the library’s summer reading program about Tanzania

clip_image001[7] Did my Discovering Isaiah Bible series in the Ladies’ Bible Class on Sunday mornings, and have started my A Cross Examination series

clip_image001[8] Went to a ladies’ retreat for one day, just west of Wichita, with Merry Weatherby

clip_image001[9] Went to a ladies’ Bible day in Dodge City with Linda Isaac

clip_image001[10] Converted many of my personal Bible studies, thoughts, and class lesson studies into .pdf format; putting them on my spiritual website

clip_image001[11] Spent Thanksgiving in Wichita visiting Eli Johnston

clip_image001[12] Lost 10 pounds from July to December, then just gained back five… don’t know why (?)

clip_image001[13] Had a successful surprise birthday party for Chris’ fiftieth, in February

clip_image001[14] Went to visit my San Diego family in July (without Chris)

clip_image001[15] Leased a new car, Toyota Camry 2011, and it’s Barcelona Red… RED, I say, RED

clip_image001[16] We did our monthly shoppings in Garden City, and occasionally visited Dodge City or Liberal

clip_image001[17] Bought a gizmo that transfers old slides into digital format and transferred over two thousand slides from our various trips we took as singles and after we were married

clip_image001[18] We sent several books through the year to our Tanzanian friends: Ezekiel and Hamisi

clip_image001[19] Lost our friend Mama Thomas

clip_image001[20] Lost my cousin Anna Hunt

clip_image001[21] Did a few drawings and one mini-painting of Kansas scenes

clip_image001[22] Survived a very long “summer” with record breaking temperatures over 100 degrees

clip_image001[23] Enjoyed a white Christmas that has lasted a week; it can now return to brown anytime… please

clip_image001[24] Finished a year’s worth of photos taken around Kansas and made CD’s and a mini-video for the church members here as Christmas presents

clip_image001[25] Looking forward to a new year: being held in God’s hand, being encouraged by the church, being loved by our family, and being blown around by the wind

What were your highlights?


Tam Raynor

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