February the Ninth

Three things I noted on a trip to Kinsley, KS


Winter’s Afghan

Sparing no expense

Brilliant white yarn

Finely crocheted with thin needle

Many rows of single stitches

French knots irregularly inserted

Loose double stitched rows

Granny squares here or there

All organically edged together

And lying atop a vast, dark brown, wood-grained table


The Pheasant Float

Viewed my first flying pheasant gliding from the highway all the way to the middle of the white and brown winter fields; with wings outstretched unmoving, and motionless tail spread long behind; just gracefully and swiftly skimming the ground’s surface like a self-maneuvering brown kite. What a sight.


Wind Farm at Night

There’s a wind farm

Just east of Dodge

On highway 56

At night


Except for red lights

Turning on together

In pretty red rows

Turning off together

Into complete darkness

Like red Christmas lights

Blinking slow

On, then off

Many rows of red lights, then darkness


At night


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