The Chair Incident


Chair tilted back

on the brink of disaster

balances delicately

rocks back, forward

on smooth, hard floor

Concentration on swaying, balancing

instead of reading the English Assignment

Fourteen-year old, tall, gangly boy

dangles feet just above the floor

precariously perched until

finally I burst out

“Put…the chair…on the…floor!”

SLAM! Front chair legs land abruptly

Big, teenage eyes calmly look at me

What will he say?

Quietly then, “I wasn’t going to fall.”

Exasperated answer, “We have thirty-minutes to do this assignment!”

Growling so as not to show my real concern

I’ve seen people fall backwards when the chair slips

concussions, cracked skulls, pain, wasted time…all because

someone believed they could control

two metal chair legs on smooth floors




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