Twenty-Twelve in Fibonacci


         Exciting. Challenging. Twenty-Twelve. The past year. Wrote four books, published them. Now, they can be found on store. I spent a couple of weeks in beautiful San Diego visiting my family. Dad had stage four melanoma and they surgically removed several lumps from his head and his face; he’s doing fine now. In early summer, we got a Wii machine (at my sister’s prodding when I visited San Diego) and we have since competed with monster trucks, played sports, flown airplanes, played Jeopardy and more. I put together my first ever doll house from almost scratch; wrote a lot of prose about Kansas on my blog site, “Prose Me”; worked as a Para-Educator at the high school; saw some gorgeous fireworks on July Fourth; won some ribbons at the summer county fair; and taught art classes in the summer. My cousin, Dave Miller, visited when he came to give a series of lectures from his book, “The Silencing of God”; then later in the fall I enjoyed reading “The Hunger Games” books. Over Thanksgiving my computer crashed, got it fixed while vacationing in Wichita, where we also visited Chris’ family for turkey dinner.

        These are only highlights, enough to help me remember that I actually lived. Hope I receive “year highlights” from my friends. Happy New Year! Twenty-Thirteen. Fresh. Original.

One thought on “Twenty-Twelve in Fibonacci

  1. “Twenty-Twelve in Fibonacci | Prose Me” Ideas definitely makes
    myself ponder somewhat more. I actually enjoyed each and
    every particular component of this blog post. Many thanks ,Hassan

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