Fossils of the Present


Very long, immense skeletons

stretch starkly o’r the white fields of snow

Immense fossils of the

dangerous Raptoirrigator

a carnivore from the most ancient past

Oh, and see the monstrous

pill-shapes of grassy substance

piled in long lines

Possibly fecal material of the

fierce Raptoirrigator…


“Sweetie, what on earth are you blithering about?

Those are circular field irrigators and those are hay bales!”


Bubble buster.

2 thoughts on “Fossils of the Present

    • Thank-you! We went north to do our monthly shopping today and the irrigation sprinklers on the snow looked so much like skeletons of huge lizard dinosaurs I just had to write something, and then there are those numerous hay bales…

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