Wild West Africa


Western-cut stores

delightfully garnish the Dodge City main drag

wooden false fronts

weathered dark-stained clapboards

wooden porch awnings

Restaurants, clothes, shoes, jewelry, tourist stuff


squeezed between the Western

resides a bit of real Africa

Ex-patriots chat sit on a bench outside

inside around a plastic table in plastic chairs

drinking African tea and African coffee

Rich, full foreign language

alien to the old American west lingo

A counter on one side of the room

African commodities stocked on the shelves behind

A clerk gets your order

Undecorated cement floor

Walls decorated with some posters

Friendly men willing to sell something

or have a conversation

Definitely from the Other Side of the World

although planted in the Wild West where

Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Bat Masterson

and the Dalton Gang once roamed

What a refreshing incongruity



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