Daytime Drama


Tail flails like a whip

almost snaps, pops

Balanced tautly on the high wire

between electrical poles

Black bird dives unexpectedly

straight for the little acrobat

unable to protect himself

without falling to assured death

Another black bird plunges

then another, flaps and pecks

Between attacks, the fuzzy squirrel

teeters farther along on the wire

The crisis travels out of sight

Did I just view a reality show of bullying

or was the victim a dastardly culprit

who robbed a cradle

while the birds sought vengeance

or protected their young?

The viewer must decide




One thought on “Daytime Drama

  1. Feisty blackbirds will attack any perceived threat, any creature that ventures too near their nest. Or maybe the birds were purple martins; I suspect they’d do the same. Life is tough when you’re a bird and eggs sit at the bottom of the food chain. 🙂

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