Life’s Variables


Way back, when in the 9th grade, I survived Algebra with a D-; not what I wanted, but I could not for the life of me understand all that gibberish…but now…


a plus b equals c, and d times g equals f

x divided by w plus n minus t equals h

After forty years of disgusted bewilderment

understanding now flows through me

Letters stand for the unknown and are called variables

or changeable’s, flexible’s

If something is unknown, just call it a letter

and be prepared for it to change!

Will I get that job?  Call it –j or +j

What will I be doing next year?  Call it –n or +n

Is there a heaven and a hell?  Call them a and b

Then keep these unknown variables

in life’s equations

so surprise can’t sting

That’s not so difficult

Difficulty comes in thinking that nothing can change

or that the unknown doesn’t matter

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