Windy Competitions


What a trip! With a blurred vision horizon, dust smackling hard against the windows, a blue sky only visible straight above (like through a tunnel), and tumbleweeds flying by the hundreds across the road, catching and scraping underneath the bus, or slapping like rocks into its side. My iPod volume is way over the safe decibel level. I turn it off. The wind shoves the bus around violently, roughing it up like the football team slamming repeatedly against the opposing team. I call my husband to let him know I love him, just in case the bus tips over or I end up in Oz.

Then I notice the coach, Miss D, ignoring it all like she’s in her living room, eating a sandwich, texting avidly, and relaxing behind the driver and his huge front window; a window that just invites someone to use it as a sudden exit. Keeping my eyes on Miss D, enough of her confidence gradually oozes over in my direction, steadily easing me into breathing deep and enjoying the free wild ride to a Forensics Tournament.

Arriving at the tournament safely, almost two hundred students compete against each other with words—rather like the wind storm outside competing against the crazy humans running between the school buildings to reach their contest rooms, and competing against the buildings and trees. Guess what? The humans win!

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