One of Those Dreams

(My Husband had this interesting dream last night.  What do you think it means?)

We visited Disney World, not alone

Started out with a large group, but were separated

with a mute older couple and a non-talking young couple with a crying baby

Didn’t know them

Brand new ride after brand new ride that we managed to get on

broke down

The baby’s emotions didn’t break down, though, everyone just let it cry

We looked at each other, How could we get away?

The few rides we managed to get on

weren’t anything at all like the advertisements touted

And the baby cried and cried

and cried and cried and cried


2 thoughts on “One of Those Dreams

  1. Sounds like a typical dream — a mishmash of this and that. However, something was making in steady noise while your husband was dreaming. An air conditioner or fan whining? Snoring? A siren somewhere nearby?

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