Walking in Lincoln’s Footsteps

We enjoyed dining at and visiting the Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn located in Hanoverton, Ohio.  It was built in 1837 and then restored in the mid-1900’s by the owner of a nearby tile company.  Lincoln stayed here on his journey to Washington, D.C.  Other notable people stayed here as well, along with three ghosts (they say).  The food was magnificent, but I didn’t think to take photos of the meals for you.  Here are some photos of the Tavern:


Below, a dining room where the kitchen used to be.


Below, a dining room where the horse stalls and loft used to be.


Below, an original Revolutionary flag.


Below, a view of the Inn.  Three or four stories; you can stay here for several hundred dollars a night, and a ghost of a little girls plays on these stairs.


The roof tiles look like stone.  This is part of an inner courtyard, in a light rain.


Below, all the ornate door frames throughout the building are different and each room is named, or dedicated after, special people (like the Dolly Madison, Lady Bird Johnson, Lincoln, and more.  There are dining rooms all over the place, even down in the cellars!


This was a great experience, great food, great service, and needs to be visited at least once.  Take the tour and hear the stories about its history from the manager.


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