Bathing Birds Prefer Privacy

Made ready to go outside and refill the morning

bird bath, but before opening the door, noticed that

the ground below the bath stand was drenched.

The birds had already bathed, so I thought, “They’re done,

I’ll wait later to refill it.” About ten minutes

later, I passed the door window and saw eight or so

birds bathing vigorously! Sparrows, robins, speckled

birds the size of robins, doves, and they switched out

with cream colored birds, all flying in and flying out and

splashing like crazy in between! I quickly ran for the

camera and as soon as the lens was in position the bath

emptied–quiet, void of life, vacant, with me frantically looking for

birds. I sighed, put the camera back, went outside to

clean the bath and refill it, returned to kitchen duty.

Walked by the door five minutes later, saw ten birds bathing like

crazy! Ran for my camera, they were still going at it,

raised the camera and one of them looked in my direction,

then all of them vanished in a fluther of feathers and

spraying of water droplets. Sigh, alone again.


2 thoughts on “Bathing Birds Prefer Privacy

  1. I sometimes wish my eye had an automatic camera lens that developed pictures as I surely have missed pictures due to fumbling for a camera shot.

    • Amen! I’m going to buy a tripod and have it all set up in the mornings by the back door, and I’ll get a long remote shutter clicker (don’t know the real name) so I can peek from a distance, see the bathers, and start clicking! But I do like the idea of an eye-camera!

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