I’m Supposed to Learn This?

Let’s go the back way to the mall in Boardman, Ohio! Turn left out of the driveway—go north on Hwy 9—wind around pretty farms, large red or white barns, two to three story houses, snowy fields, the United School District—pass Hwy 172—stay on 9—oh, that’s Wenona Road to the right and it has a great meat store down a ways—oh, there’s Andy and Danielle’s farm there to the left, and there’s Cindy and Vernon’s place to the right in that yellow house, and Eugene and Rita live on the left in that gray house after you pass the “Leaving” Something sign—at the red light turn left on route 45—stay on 45, curving, curving—pass Junction 14, go and then turn right on 62/45/9, no wait turn left, no right, a short ways on a four-lane highway—go to the stop sign and turn left on 62 again to Canfield—turn right on 165 east at a stop light—drive thru Greenford—go through a four-way stop light—now we’re on east 165 and you pass through Beaver Township—turn left at the light on Hwy 164, or South Ave—turn left on Market Street, or Hwy North 7—oh, this is the wrong way to the mall—I’ll show you a better way on the way home—the GPS doesn’t know everything—



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