Reverie and Reveille

Staring out the kitchen window

getting ready to install a contact lens

because someone was using the bathroom, I

forgot about the contact lens, getting

lost in reverie among the spindly, tall

weeds in a field surrounding grain silos

with the morning sun brightening the world, when

suddenly, a woman’s voice wafted up from

the depths of the earth saying,

“Tam! Are the potatoes boiling yet?”

Startled, I looked around for the voice, then remembered

where I was, in a house with a basement,

sharing it temporarily with friends, and I

glanced over at the stove, where a large red

pot stood with a lid, no bubbling over

then realized I still rubbed a contact lens between my fingers

“I don’t know, can’t check, let me put my contact in first!”

“Okay!” drifted the voice from below



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