Child Train

(On another drive through Lisbon Ohio, December 18th)

This morning a long child train holds up traffic just east of the town square

Crossing the road, the train boasts about a hundred “cars” (extremely small school kids) chugging along in single file, attached here and there to “large cars” (adults) led by a “large engine” in the front and pushed by one at the end

All cars are painted with colorful coats, scarves, boots, gloves, and stocking caps absolutely no graffiti visible

The train chatters happily and clatters noisily, while winding its way across the road, down the sidewalk, up a ramp, and gradually disappears into a yawning tunnel through a big mountain (a church building)

A sign by the tunnel explains that a Christmas play is showing

This time, the usual irritation that comes while waiting for long freight trains is not felt



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