Looping in Africa

(I wrote this back in 2008, while in Tanzania.  A magazine had challenged me to write in a loop with the story and the sentences ending and beginning with the same word.  It wasn’t easy.)

          Living can be adventurous in the variety of bush and mountain areas of East Africa. Africa is a country full of all that is wild. Wild people live on this continent, people like the Maasai and the Sukuma, along with wild creatures that can be seen almost anywhere; for example: zebras, giraffes, and elephants. Elephants, giraffes, zebras, gazelles, impala, baboons, and lions are just a few of the creatures that dot the wild animal parks, or reserves, in the eastern portion of Africa called Tanzania. Tanzania is fortunate to have many world-famous, wild animal parks. Parks riddle the country, like Mikumi, Ruaha, and also Serengeti. Serengeti is up north and it has animals freely roaming; animals such as water buck (a long horned antelope) and water buffalo. Water buffalo also live in Mikumi, which is near our home west of Iringa Town, and I have photos of the buffalo resting together like large bunches of black rocks under huge, shade trees. Trees are also a great hang out for the different kinds of monkeys and unusual, colorful birds. Birds and monkeys in Tanzania are magnificent examples of design in color, shapes and sounds. Sounds in this country can send shivers up one’s spine in either creepy chills or happy delight. Delight could reign deliciously over the eyes, ears, and imagination of anyone who would but dare try out African living.

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