Degrees in One

“What’ the temp say?”


“One? You mean like one degree?”

“Yep! One!”

“Well, the car must be off its rocker, ‘cuz it doesn’t feel like one!”

Just then we pass the United School sign, surrounded by snow, with its temperature discovery posted.

“That said three degrees!”

I contemplate the universe for a few seconds; the Husband keeps glancing blank-faced at the temperature gauge.

“Well, I guess I don’t know what one degree feels like, then, do I?”

“Me neither! It still says one!”



2 thoughts on “Degrees in One

    • Wow! I was just so surprised that it was only one degree! I mean, walking out to the car and sitting there, it didn’t feel any different than the 27 degree from the day before! In fact I thought it was warmer! Ha. I’ll learn. I remember my dad saying that in North Dakota it would be in the negatives for most of the winter, then when it turned to about 10 degrees they would go outside with sweaters! Hmmm.

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