Leisurely Strolls

Like a Saturday window-shopper lazily

strolling through a busy mall, looking here

visiting there before resting in a theater

watching more folk making their way inside,

a flake of snow, large, soft, delicate, white

floats ever so slowly descending to the earth against

the meanderings of other loitering flakes and

still many feet above, it curves leisurely

horizontally traveling hovering for quite a few

feet before changing directions still horizontal

poking along before curving gently to float back up to the

place it came from then another horizontal

stroll before drifting down diagonally, puffing

up skyward, horizontal reverse shuffle, then

diagonally down again moving opposite

drifting lower, slowly lower, joining thousands of

flakes already deeply settled in on the earth

peacefully resting and watching more

flakes making their way to join them



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