An Act of Doofuscity

Doo-fús-ci-ty: having the behavior of a doofus

Dóo-fus: idiotic, stumbling, brain-dead person who is actually capable of being what most folks deem normal

Turned the oven up to 4500 for baking homemade

pizza and worked to prepare the Chēbē’s gluten free

dough but five minutes into it detected the strangest

odor wafting through the kitchen rather like burning

plastic cooking meat and then it hit the cranial

orb to look inside the oven discovering a store bought

package of pork chops melting into itself merging

plastic wrap Styrofoam bottom two pork chop slabs

all curling up on the top rack because a couple days

before I had placed the package there to thaw out and

forgot about since at the last minute we changed our

minds to go out and eat fast food instead…doofuscity


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