Baby Bird Boot Camp

After being cooped up in a very small nest between an

unused chimney and the roof, right over a human bedroom

growing bodies and spreading wings begin to stretch needing more room

keeping the humans awake during the night

Suddenly, this morning, they were pushed out of the dark

down onto the damp grass from a night’s rain

Mom screams at the top of her lungs, encouraging them like a

drill instructor until they figure out how to move

using their legs, hop, run, oh, and fly!


Or it is fluttering, flopping, flithering…no!


Six fluffy sparrow bodies, delicate, gentle, not sure yet of what to do

slowly peck at the ground as Mom and Dad demonstrate, then

fly up to the feeder one by one with a parent and

hang on for dear life, but soon learn to peck at seeds

Mom swallows seeds speedily and turns to feed a big baby

near her, then the young cadet imitates, pecking at the ground

The little platoon must leave when bigger birds arrive.


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