Not a Fairy Tale

“I found a fwag!” said a little, blonde, pigtailed girl, tugging at my blouse to get my attention.

I said, “A what?”

“A fwag! Come see!” and she turned, beckoning me to follow.

We walk toward a grassy area west of the church parking lot, where two other little girls surround something, gazing down. I move around until I can’t help but smile, seeing a little two-inch frog crouched among the rich, green grass blades.

“Fwag!” Three sets of eyes turn to look at me, then the bodies they belong to all squat down to get closer to the fwag.

Little girls and frogs.

What a sight.

2015Jun7littlegirlsNfrog 2015Jun7littlegirlsNfrog1a


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