Takin’ Care of Babies

I have recently had the privilege of observing bird families:

Cardinals hide their big beautiful babies in tall grasses during feeding time to protect them from whatever, so only their popping, twittering noises can be heard, with flashes of reds as the grasses shuffle and dance with their bodies.

Sparrows bring out their babies right off the bat to fall or fly in the big world—just delicate puffs of fluff, fragile, dainty, out in the open; yes, the parents are there guiding them, but sparrows, ha, they can’t protect from anything.

Cowbirds never show up with their young because other bird families raise them.

Very much like human families.  Some believe in total lock-down protection of kids, others thrust them out with little or no protection, some have others expend the energy to raise them, and fortunately, the rest have found a happy middle: protection without suffocation and lots of love.

Somehow, many of us survive our childhood and manage to maneuver through life.  🙂


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