Not Very Long Ago

a man took a cool-looking

tractor and mowed the field of

wildly free weeds (or AKA: August Fire

Hazard) behind our little house in Hanoverton,

Ohio; also chopping up or squashing many ground

hogs, chipmunks or whatever other living creatures

that couldn’t get away, since they had made nice

comfy homes there through almost two years

of neglect, and I know this because a distinct

odor of extinction thickly wafts our way

from time to time when the wind

provides an obliging path.

3 thoughts on “Not Very Long Ago

  1. Gross! Right now we are dealing with a blanket of smoke from forest fires in the northern part of the province. I woke up Monday morning sure that I could smell bacon frying, but it was all that wood smoke.

    • We heard about the fires and I thought about you! I used to live in Southern California (SD) and managed, through the grace of God, to survive forest fires, but it was usually miserable. You’re in my prayers.

      • Thanks for your concerns. We actually live on the open prairie; the forest fires would be about 250 miles north of us. But the last stat I saw was 110 fires burning in SK plus fires in Alberta & BC. Monday afternoon the smoke here was like a ‘pea soup’ fog. They say now winds are carrying the smoke as far SE as Tennessee.

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