A Pre-Scientist Discovers Thumps

The one-year-old holds a small metal car in his small pudgy hand, while sitting in Mom’s lap during church services Sunday morning, with a lot of quiet people around and the car suddenly falls out of his hand and lands with a loud, startling thump on the carpeted floor

A look of pure interested excitement passes over his alert little face

Mom doesn’t see that look

She bends over picks up the car, then hands it to him

He feels the heavy little car, releases it again on purpose and smiles at the expected satisfying thump

I stifle a laugh and grin at his Mom

Mom rolls her eyes, picks up the car, hands it to him, and just as he’s getting ready to let go, her hand opens under his and stops the fun

A look of pure puzzlement passes over his alert little face

2 thoughts on “A Pre-Scientist Discovers Thumps

    • Ha! It was surprising! He did NOT screech! He tried to figure out how to get around the hand, then we stood up to sing a song and his attention went elsewhere.

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