Cheap VS. Priceless

During last Sunday evening’s sermon, I learned that my body’s material worth is only about $3.50! This is not discussing the selling of viable organs, just the material that makes up my flesh. While sitting in the pew, all kinds of thoughts plowed through my mind. Here’s one of them:

So, $3.50 is about the price of the cheapest of cheap toys for a child, a toy that doesn’t last very long and ends up in the trash. When God tells me not to be enslaved to the desires of my flesh, he’s saying not to be enslaved to a $3.50 cheapest of cheap toy or tool (Rom. 6). The soul, on the other hand, is priceless, although it is encased in this very bargain basement priced body. Rather like a pearl hidden in an ugly, crusty clam at the bottom of the ocean. So, God says to spend more time taking care of my immortal soul, which means to focus on that which not even multi-gazillionaires can buy!

I’m enslaved (enchained, enthralled) to my soul because that’s who I am. My soul is me! Me is not my $3.50 body!!!!! Need I do more exclamation marks? Paul says the body is just a material tent that wears out. Jesus says the body is like flowers that bloom, wilt, and poof, are gone! When I allow Me to be ordered around by the desires of my $3.50 body, Me will lose out on a grand inheritance that God has set up for Me—not my body. I must take care of Me, behave considerately to Me, love Me enough to cater to Me spiritually, in-stead of letting my cheap, rotting tent lead Me around by the nose!

Me wants eternal life in heaven. What about You?


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