The Ruth Model

(My preacher-husband gave a lesson this morning on the book of Ruth, going through all the chapters, and he made statements that sparked my brain juices)

Ruth was an unbeliever who began to believe in Jehovah God. She latched onto a believer, Naomi, and followed her to the land where God reigned. She “happened” to start gleaning for food in the harvest fields of a good, kind man, who became her protector and provider of extra food and water. She was given advice on how to make this good, kind person hers forever. She must make her claim on him by being found at his feet when he wakes on the threshing floor of harvest, willing to fight for Him if attackers come. He does what it takes to redeem her and make her his. They get married and through their relationship, Jesus later came into the world.

The church today is the Bride of Jesus Christ, who is a good, kind Person, wanting to protect and provide for those who are found at His feet, hanging on to His every word, striving to fight for Him and be in His care. Believe in Jehovah as God. Latch onto other believers and follow them to the “land where Jehovah rules,” the church. Harvest in His field. Drink His water and food. Make your claim for Jesus. Accept His protection and rest. Do what it takes to let Jesus redeem you for Himself, He has already done His part. Have godly relationships that bring Jesus to the world.

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