Moving Moving On

The babbling creek just across the highway creates its beautiful musical sounds because of the variety of obstacles blocking its path

large rocks; gathered pebbles; grass patches; high ground; fallen trees or limbs; curves in the land all drive the water to the right, then the left, splitting here, there, letting it join up to bump, bumble over them and fall off to crash, bubble, boil before straightening and moving

moving on

sought after musical sounds of water do not happen without obstacles

like the creek, I bubble over, around and sometimes split because of the death of loved ones or illnesses; falling off of job, career, environmental or governmental changes to crash, broil, and boil painfully until I straighten out, moving

moving on

treating these experiences as the means to bring enjoyment to others when they get close enough to hear me

(So, I say good-bye to my aunt, my mother, and an old friend as they move on ahead of me leaving behind memories of the beautiful music they made in life)


2 thoughts on “Moving Moving On

  1. That is a lovely poem, Tam. It is so evocative of your life right now and so many others of us, too.

    My Mom has dementia and it seems like it’s advancing really fast now and she lives with us so I see her fading little by little, every day. Your beautiful poem fits our journey, too.

    I surely do love you and my heart is so sad for your losses, and my prayers are for the Lord’s peace and comfort for you and Chris, and great memories to help you through all the sadness.


  2. Thank you, Charlotte. I just said a prayer for you and your Mom. My Mom has dementia, as well. I feel for you, too.

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