Lost in Pittsburgh

Went out for a jaunt, a mosey along to Pittsburgh
through green countryside, crop fields and tall forests
among ancient brick homes and modern junky hole-on-the-walls

Stopped to walk through the Raccoon Creek Wild Flower Reserve then
over two-lane winding roads and on 4-lane freeways, then an under
mountain tunnel and then over bridges into a packed and totally
confusing city between three large rivers meeting together

We mosied on the wrong side of the freeway and jaunted east past the
Allegheny River until we were shunted off a side street and moved onto a
road over a bridge on the Allegheny going to north Pittsburgh and
worked our way back over the bridge finding ourselves in The Strip shopping area

Got hungry and saw a MacD’s suddenly but discovered ourselves on another bridge
jaunting back to the north side, worked our way back, turning here, there and
found the lot to park and eat lunch, then tried to go a bit south to see the river that
starts with an M that becomes the Ohio, but somehow got on a road that shunted us back over the river that starts with an M and into the tunnel going west and the only way to return would be to drive ten
miles turn around and get stuck in traffic going through the tunnel again…

We decided to go to a big indoor mall near Pittsburgh airport but after shunting here
turning there driving over yonder we never found an indoor mall and
instead jaunted, mosied along back home through green countryside on
winding 2-lane roads among growing crops of corn and tall green forests


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