Kind and Sad Both End in “d”

Kindness happens because we care, sadness comes because we lose what we care about.  If we didn’t care, weren’t kind, we wouldn’t feel sad about loss, but deep inside, we’d feel sad about being lonely.  I’d rather be sad because I cared.

We’ve had a very sad morning.  Our new friend, Kitty, didn’t come for breakfast.  While calling her, Chris saw a body on the highway, in front of the gas station.  He checked and then I checked.  It was Kitty.  We were so close to getting her to stay in the garage, but she was afraid of it.  She wasn’t afraid of the road, though, loaded with deathmakers, like most people, spiritually speaking.  God offers a place of safety, but they are afraid of it, for whatever reason, and prefer wandering around on the broad road leading to death.  Chris is hurting bad about Kitty, but we were able to give Kitty friendship, food, and company for a couple of weeks, which she didn’t have before.  Which she didn’t have before.

First Kitty Sighting
2018, August 11, through the front door window.
Kitty Sighting
Yesterday morning, Aug. 11. Our last morning together.

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