The ability of certain metals or alloys to conduct an electric current with almost no resistance.  Superconductivity usually happens close to absolute zero, about -459°F (below 0), but has also been seen at temperatures as high as -200°F (below 0).

Spiritually: Some of our trials, tragedies, and losses are unbearable, but as with Joseph, Daniel, and Jesus—at the absolute zero of suffering, that’s when God’s unimaginable power can flow unresistingly through us to let Him blaze in glory for those around us…superconductivity.


2 thoughts on “Superconductivity

  1. As with the metals you mention above, we have to be in a pretty deep freeze not to offer any human resistance to trials and tragedies. While it’s always our goal to accept what comes allow God to work in us, we’re usually human enough to say “Ouch — this hurts too much! Please stop.” when we’re zapped by pain or anguish of some kind. 😉

    • Yes! Even Jesus had a hard time in the garden before His suffering. We keep moving forward, being a blessing, patience in God’s will….

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