Diary Entry from May 16, 1998


2020MarDiary5 16aI decided to clean out my filing cabinet during this Corona virus time and found an old tablet diary in my handwriting from back in May 14, 1998.  I typed the entries into the computer.  Some of them I’m sharing, after editing…here’s the first one:

I sit in the love seat alone, stretched out, reading a book and watching TV in between commercials.  My dog jumps up and visits with me or lies by my side.  My parakeet flies over and visits, too, chasing the dog off of the couch.  My husband sits in the easy chair next to me, shuffling papers, reading the Bible.

The gas fireplace burns brightly and the dog lies in front of it now and then.  He yawns, sees me watching him, and comes to visit.  The bird flies over, the dog leaves, the bird leaves, the husband shuffles papers. A continuous pleasantness.  Quiet love rules at this present pleasant moment.

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