Diary Entry from May 18, 1998

Remember from my last post, I found my 1998 attempt to keep a diary.  Reading this entry reminded me that I had taken up playing the piano.  For over a year, we babysat an older upright for friends and I took advantage.  My parakeet loved it!

2020MarDiary5 18

I’ve been learning how to play the piano.  What excitement!  I have played the guitar all my life and one of the differences between the two instruments is monumental for me.  Stringed instruments generally utilize only one hand to play music while the other hand helps the one hand along.  The piano requires both hands to play, each hand and finger playing of its own accord, each making its own sound.  This is hard for this guitar player, because her left hand does not want to act separately from the right, independently, you know, like both hands want to go up and down at the same time.  It’s been almost a year now since I started on the piano, and the mental operation looks successful, with both sides of my brain flying together or alone.  What a great feeling of accomplishment!

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