Diary Entry from May 19, 1998

In continuing with some of my diary entries from eons ago, this one happens to still be true today, only the grocery stores are different…

2020MarDiary5 19

I believe that my favorite pastime, at this time of life, is grocery shopping.  Being able to shop for two weeks’ worth of groceries for two people for $60.00 or less is an exciting challenge for me.  In fact, I told my husband, that receiving a gift certificate for Lucky’ s Stores as a birthday or a Christmas present would be truly a wonderful gift!  I have Lucky’s and Henry’s stores mapped out in my brain.  I know right where to go and what the current prices are on everything I’m interested in buying.  I know Price Club like the back of my hand and I experience a splendid day when I grocery shop.

Clothes shopping, though, falls low on my list of fun things to do, because it’s so expensive, the sizes change from one manufacturer to another, the styles change year to year, and the stores usually only have seasonal.  I seem to always pay top dollar for clothing that turns out to be cheap after two or three washings.  I can actually become sick when I have to go clothes shopping.

But grocery shopping…that’s heaven.  As you might be able to tell, I did get to grocery shop today.

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