Pizza Vs Patience

Did our grocery shopping, frozen foods in the cooler with ice,

then picked up a lunch splurge—East of Chicago pepperoni pizza.

Laid it on the back seat, hoping it would stay hot

on the short way home, but

we managed to get behind Moses and the Israelites

wandering through their third year in the wilderness

in the form of a minivan, then it turned off, but

we found the Israelites in their eleventh year

in the form of a rookie grain hauler that beat us at a light.

Eventually, the hauler pulled over, letting a bunch of us pass

and we then got behind the Israelites in their 35th year

in the form of an SUV that must have been lost.

All this time…the large pizza wafted it’s delicious fragrance

into our olfactory senses, driving us insane until finally

the Israelites pulled aside to let a bunch of cars pass and

we made it home, squealed into the garage, shoved all the

cold food in the freezer or fridge, and then


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