Kind and Sad Both End in “d”

Kindness happens because we care, sadness comes because we lose what we care about.  If we didn’t care, weren’t kind, we wouldn’t feel sad about loss, but deep inside, we’d feel sad about being lonely.  I’d rather be sad because I cared.

We’ve had a very sad morning.  Our new friend, Kitty, didn’t come for breakfast.  While calling her, Chris saw a body on the highway, in front of the gas station.  He checked and then I checked.  It was Kitty.  We were so close to getting her to stay in the garage, but she was afraid of it.  She wasn’t afraid of the road, though, loaded with deathmakers, like most people, spiritually speaking.  God offers a place of safety, but they are afraid of it, for whatever reason, and prefer wandering around on the broad road leading to death.  Chris is hurting bad about Kitty, but we were able to give Kitty friendship, food, and company for a couple of weeks, which she didn’t have before.  Which she didn’t have before.

First Kitty Sighting
2018, August 11, through the front door window.
Kitty Sighting
Yesterday morning, Aug. 11. Our last morning together.


Just read this one…so true!

Image result for not a huggerSeriously –

I saw her when we came into the church this morning. She was standing far enough away from us that I found my seat before she zeroed in. This woman, this hugger, does not take “No thanks!” for an answer. A couple of weeks ago she was standing at the front door of the church greeting folks as they came in. She hugged my wife, who is a great hugger! and then extended her arms to me. I tried to fend off her advances by grabbing a hand and shaking it but she was too quick. I even told her; “I’m not a hugger.” Didn’t matter. She replied as she thwarted my defenses; “Well I am and you’re a man and can handle it.” I didn’t have time to answer and had no desire to debate so once she was finished I found my seat…

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Doofusity Strikes Again!

Picture this:

You’re baking delicious pumpkin pie cake bars. Everything is mixed in, poured into the baking dish, put in the oven.  Two minutes later, while wiping the counter, you see a can of pumpkin, unopened, shiny… your brain thinks… what exactly is in the oven right now?  Then overdrive… pull out the dish, and realize, yes, it’s lighter than normal!  Fortunately, it’s not cooked, just slightly warm. You energetically mix in the pumpkin and reinsert the dish in the oven.

Moral: Don’t forget the main ingredient!

Sheriff Ingredients

My sister is a trained volunteer sheriff for her city.  Two days ago, she broke one of her toes against a bed leg and had been hobbling around painfully.  We were texting this morning …

She said, “I’ve decided to find a replacement for Sheriff ingredients tomorrow.”

I asked, “Ingredients?”

“Dumb dictionary!”

I laughed out loud and sniggered and she said, “Ignore it.”  Of course, that’s impossible.

I texted back, “How to make a sheriff…one uniform, one car, one partner…”

She added, “One doughnut, no, two doughnuts.”  Then she added, “The word ingredients was just supposed to be –ing at the end of sheriff for sheriffing.

I knew that, but I liked the mistake better—more scope for the imagination.

But Not Here

A conglomerate of wild flowers desperately guards the normally exciting, noisy stream

Large and small flowers, bushy, grassy, single stemmed, all drown the senses with amazing colors, all lean over the stream, embracing it for themselves, choking, slowing down the lively gush

Streams must pass and that is life

Desperately hoarding the lively, babbling water or a life’s running course only creates dammed up, silent, stagnate pools fit only for unwanted things

Streams must pass and that is life

The selfish plant life must be trimmed back, allowing the happy creek to bubble and babble on its way to God knows where…but not here

The selfish refusal to let go must be trimmed back to allow an aged father, who used to be a lively, bubbly human life, to flow on to God knows where…

but not here

From a beautiful but sad morning walk August 31st, 2017… I can’t stop my loved ones from flowing around the next bend and the next, any more than they can stop me.  That’s what makes streams and creeks so beautiful to us.  Enjoy the music of life while you’re in the presence of the magnificent rush…

Secret Prayer Brother

My Sweetie received a ball cap in the mail recently and he was so happy.  He said his Secret Prayer Brother had sent it.  I said, “Really?”  Maybe the men in the church had decided to set up a secret brothers encouragement group like the women’s secret sisters.  He said, “Me.”  I laughed.

A few days later, he was upset because we drove off to do our weekly grocery shopping and he had left his ball cap at home.  He likes wearing hats.  I started rambling about how I like to wear hats too and he interrupted, “It’s the cap from my Prayer Brother.”  Sentimental value.  Ha!