(Remember that I have a screensaver that floats words around and occasionally leaves the definitions.  I see them and find spiritual applications to them, and they are not the only applications.  I just keep ’em short.)



Chrestomathy is a selection of passages from an author or authors, designed to help in learning a language.

Spiritually: Reading and studying the Bible, of which author is God, will more than adequately teach anyone, anywhere on the planet, to learn God’s language or the language of Heaven, which includes God’s culture and the history of His people…chrestomathy.


A repeated theme throughout a musical composition or a book, related with a particular person, idea, or situation.

Spiritually: The Bible has several recurrent themes, three of which are Jesus (particular person); how to be truly happy (idea); and salvation from eternal death (situation)…leitmotif.


“A narrow strip of land, bordered on both sides by water, connecting two larger bodies of land.”  Like the Isthmus of Panama connecting North and South America.

Spiritually: Jesus is the isthmus connecting heaven and earth.  We have to go through the water, like the Israelites did through the Red Sea, using Jesus as the path, the way, the door to heaven (John 14:6, 7)…isthmus.


Scotopic refers to the non-vision of the eye under low-light levels. In the human eye, cone cells (daylight and color) don’t work very well in low visible light.

Spiritually: Without God, Jesus, and their word (which are lights and lamps to our feet and mind (John 1; Psalm 18:28; Psalm 119:105; Ephesians 5:8-14), we would constantly live in a state of scotopic vision, or bumping into all kinds of sins in the dark, where God is not, and getting terribly hurt, along with hurting others…scotopic.


Formerly, a ruling prince from India.

Spiritually: a “Christian” is an eternal prince or princess, being an adopted child of the powerful and eternal Deity named I-Am-That-I-Am.  This means, Christians dress, speak, and behave differently from those who are not of the Royal House of I-Am-That-I-Am.  Behaving anything less means we just “say” we’re Christians or royalty…Maharajah

Exodus 3:13, 14; John 1:1-13; Romans 6:15; Galatians 4:1-7; Colossians 3; and more