A Long White Day

(Deep fog yesterday early, to light fog, deep fog, light fog…all day)

A mound of white cotton presses down

squeezes low

swabs around, dabs around

sore wounds of the Fall


A fog of winter white compresses

soothes bare trees

missing leaves, losing leaves

aching from the Fall


One Morning at the Fruit Farm

Blueberries don’t grow on trees

Or thorny vines

But on bushes


In round berry clumps very much

Like grapes only

They ripen separately


Gently loosen the blue berries in

Each clump and

Leave the green


Dislodge sleeping mosquitoes from

Underneath each bush

And get bitten


Other berry pickers concentrate on

Filling buckets beneath

Threatening summer clouds

Frosty April Morning

April morning produced frosty green grass and

frozen bird bath water while birds of all

colors, yellow, brown, black, red, gray flit

around the feeder ravenous, the cold bringing hunger


April morning produced three beautiful red male

cardinals baring wings at each other over a female

eating at the feeder, cold fighting occurs over the unplowed

field, only one triumphant returns to eat with his mate