The Juicer

My sister said, “I thought I had enough juice in my cell-phone not to have to put it in the juicer last night, but this morning I found I was wrong…”

It took me a couple seconds to figure out what “juicer” meant. 

(July 25, 2020, Covid-19 Year)

Terrors for Tutti and Tam

(Friday morning, July 17, 2020)

We haven’t bought paper plates in years, but with the 2020 pandemic virus, we can’t eat in our favorite restaurants, and eating in the car is messy, so, to protect the car, we bought a bag of heavy paper plates.

Now, this morning, the parakeet and I were alone.  I played online tablet games, sitting in the electric easy chair, while Tutti perched fluffy on my free finger and gazed at me adoringly (I assume adoringly).

A shocking crash bang clatter happened and then a heavy thud, thud sound.  Tutti flapped off squawking, while I had to wait idiotically as the electric easy chair slowly. lowered. the. foot. rest.  Still alive, I hopped out of the chair and carefully eyeballed the kitchen, no one.  Hands ready to deal killing blows, I slid over to the basement stairwell, nothing, then down the stairs, no one.  I warily opened the garage door, nothing out of place.  Okay, no Horrible Rioters or Vikings.

Back in the kitchen, I scanned the area again and noticed our bag of bottled water on the floor, like normal, but just beyond it lay the bag of heavy paper plates.  I deduced from the evidence that if it had rolled out of the cabinet (it’s stored on its side due to lack of room), it would have landed on the water bottles and then thudded onto the floor.  I straightened things up, so extremely grateful it hadn’t been vile assailants..

Tam and the Silverfish

Early morning, alone, on the carpeted floor, exercising and stretching

Enjoying the time to do something good for myself when

The corner of my eye noticed swift movement from under the TV

Heading in my direction

Super-human abilities kicked in immediately as I

Popped into the air from a semi-seated position, did a

Twist to face the floor and the flat, silver, leggy bug that

Moved to the spot I had vacated and


The Silverfish will not terrorize earth’s denizens again


May 23, 2020

Diary Entry from May 18, 1998

Remember from my last post, I found my 1998 attempt to keep a diary.  Reading this entry reminded me that I had taken up playing the piano.  For over a year, we babysat an older upright for friends and I took advantage.  My parakeet loved it!

2020MarDiary5 18

I’ve been learning how to play the piano.  What excitement!  I have played the guitar all my life and one of the differences between the two instruments is monumental for me.  Stringed instruments generally utilize only one hand to play music while the other hand helps the one hand along.  The piano requires both hands to play, each hand and finger playing of its own accord, each making its own sound.  This is hard for this guitar player, because her left hand does not want to act separately from the right, independently, you know, like both hands want to go up and down at the same time.  It’s been almost a year now since I started on the piano, and the mental operation looks successful, with both sides of my brain flying together or alone.  What a great feeling of accomplishment!