Actions of Science

(I wrote this last February, never posted it…what’s wrong with me?)

The clothes dryer’s heat vapor blows up in tendrils

puffing over the porch

crystallized snowflakes float down behind the white puffs

I’m inside drinking hot dark cocoa

Dove in a Bad Mood

(This happened this morning under the bird feeder outside)

A girl has to look out for herself now and then

Hard winter freezing to death

Now the husband wants to get flirty

She’s hungry, had enough

Peck, jab, peck, attack

He runs for shelter

She returns to calmly eat like doves do

Then repeats the protection sequence through the day

Knowing that soon, she’ll need to start another family, but

A girl has to look out for her own self now and then

The Night Tractor

We’ve never lived so close to farmers who plow through the

night, like just behind our house tonight

Sleep calls but curiosity gets us up to watch the

plowing, listen to the rise and fall of engine volume as the

tractor creaks, pings against rocks, kicks up dust

back and forth, slowing down, speeding up, using the

full moon’s bright light and the tractor’s own headlights and

it is after eleven o’clock

(from a May 19, 2016 experience)

Short April 1st Walk

Smiling while listening to the plurbling, blurbling stream

winding gently below me on the metal, see-through bridge

Looking up to the left as a black crow yaw-caws its

way over the field of faded golden cornstalks

Glancing to the right, suddenly noticing the hefty rain clouds

flying, swooping over fields and villages…towards me