Diary Entry May 14, 1998

(Here’s an entry from my diary way back when)

Lying in bed, fighting sinus blockage, thinking about my totally unhealthy diet for the day, I became philosophical.  My right leg keeps wanting to go to sleep which probably means that I have diabetes from all the cookies I ate, the soda pop, the greasy homemade pizza, the grill cheese and ham sandwich at lunch, the bacon and eggs for breakfast.  I deserve to get diabetes or cancer or obesity.  I deserve acid reflux problems, insomnia, sinus blockage.  I’m always loading myself up with caffeine, sugar, and fat and I deserve what I get.  I know better!  No willpower. Lazy. Lustful of food.  I know to exercise, but I do very little.  Therefore, I resign myself to accept the consequences because I love the food I eat!  Yet…

When the consequences have come.  When I’m feverish or throwing up, or having the Big “D” (intestinal “d”), getting dehydrated, or suffering with hives, pimples, or shingles, gaining weight (the list is long), I find myself begging God to heal me—let this pass—I’LL NEVER DO WHAT I DID AGAIN—I PROMISE!  So…

I get well in due time.  Before a few days have passed, I’m at it again.  Memory fades.  Pain is in the past. Hey, I can handle the results of abusing myself.

My problem Is not unlike the story of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16.  The rich man lived it up until death, and in torment he begged and pleaded to Abraham to relieve him, rescue him.  In the same way, I need to do what is right BEFORE it is too late, not after.



Ethos is the distinctive essence of a culture, era, or community as shown in its beliefs and ambitions.  Some synonyms are character, atmosphere, and mood.

Spiritually: the culture of God’s Kingdom comes from Heaven itself, from the words of the Holy Spirit in the Bible, from the love of God and Jesus.  We’re to be very happy in the Lord, and again, be very happy (Philippians 4:4).  As Jesus modeled on earth, His kingdom is full of love, good works, and worshiping God, and all eyes are to focus on heavenly things more than earthly things (Col. 3) …ethos.

(Of course, if there are citizens in God’s kingdom who don’t behave in sync with the ethos, they are aliens, criminals, spies, whatever…)


The ability of certain metals or alloys to conduct an electric current with almost no resistance.  Superconductivity usually happens close to absolute zero, about -459°F (below 0), but has also been seen at temperatures as high as -200°F (below 0).

Spiritually: Some of our trials, tragedies, and losses are unbearable, but as with Joseph, Daniel, and Jesus—at the absolute zero of suffering, that’s when God’s unimaginable power can flow unresistingly through us to let Him blaze in glory for those around us…superconductivity.


(Remember that I have a screensaver that floats words around and occasionally leaves the definitions.  I see them and find spiritual applications to them, and they are not the only applications.  I just keep ’em short.)



Chrestomathy is a selection of passages from an author or authors, designed to help in learning a language.

Spiritually: Reading and studying the Bible, of which author is God, will more than adequately teach anyone, anywhere on the planet, to learn God’s language or the language of Heaven, which includes God’s culture and the history of His people…chrestomathy.


A repeated theme throughout a musical composition or a book, related with a particular person, idea, or situation.

Spiritually: The Bible has several recurrent themes, three of which are Jesus (particular person); how to be truly happy (idea); and salvation from eternal death (situation)…leitmotif.