A Super Moon Anniversary

Hot steam fogs the window as we wash the morning dishes together, looking at and chatting about the super moon swiftly vanishing behind the distant trees over the snow topped field.

This third-super-moon-in-a-row marked our 25th wedding anniversary, a beautiful, extraordinary anniversary gift from our Creator who originally brought Chris and I together. What an incredible God, giving me a shy husband, who gave me a super, adventurous marriage experience.

And today, the church in Hanoverton gave us an amazing gift—lunch at the historic Spread Eagle Inn. “Thank you,” we say, with a full orchestra of swelling music behind us!


Year of the Fallen Leaves

The green lawn shimmers golden yellow orange red with a blanket of magnificent fallen leaves under the gray, almost wintery sky. I always look forward to this time of year to soak up the gorgeous colors of what recently was very alive, vibrant green and clustered together on trees, providing shade, shelter and nutrition for all kinds of creatures. At this time of year, they wear down brilliantly, their lives ending with a blow-out of hues that artists and photographers strive to catch.

Glory in death.

This year several glorious leaves fell from my life. Some fell earlier than others, but they all blazed brilliantly as they finished their purpose and the time came to go away. First my Aunt Betty Hunt, then long time family friend Thelma Johnson, then my mother Mary Jo Hunt Gregoire and then my cousin Danny Gregoire.

They left people behind, yearning to see them again. Their departure allows us to follow suit—serve our purpose, finish in spectacular ways, blanket other lives with our own blazing ends. The time of death is a wonderful time to do our absolute very best, to leave behind burning images of good for those who are just beginning and for those who are still strong and green.

Today, stepping carefully among the tree’s fallen leaves, tears finally flow down my face. Finally, I mourn…and it’s okay.


October 8, 2016…the morning I found the way to mourn.

Treasures in Autumn Gloom

Looking out the front window

the great big picture window

across the ponds in the driveway

across the wet highway

soaked fields just harvested yesterday

past the line of wilted sunflowers

green lawns

to the house across the way

where the oaks, maple trees and others

blaze brightly at their edges

golden fire burning into the green inside of themselves

not doused by the light continuous rain

cars going by

school bus

A flame that doesn’t go out even though it is raining

I can still blaze with my own power my own energy


even if there is a gloom around me

recovering from tonsillitis

Praise the colorful trees on a gloomy day!

Photo 204

This next set of photos will be samples from some of my travelings.  This one is a favorite of mine, a shot of the main harbor on the island of Mykonos, Greece.  Sigh.  I could return and visit this island for longer than the one evening I took this shot back in 1988.

Verse 202