My First Turkey


Drove slowly by a wheat field. He faced me, tail feathers fanned up, like in pictures.

Three rounded rocks between us.  Wait, not rocks.  His “ladies” with their heads hidden in the new wheat, eating edibles underneath.

He strut-walked towards me determinedly.  Like, what could he do to my car?

But it’s nice to know, some creatures in this world would still die to protect their loved ones.

A Stellar Delay


Two hours before an October dawn, I walked to the exercise center. For some reason, I glanced up and was surprised by the closeness, clearness and the multiplicity of the stars! Transfixed in the street I gazed upward at the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, Orion and all the glittering stars in between. Mouth opened; arms stretched; body slowly turning, turning to gaze, spellbound. This sight brought crowding thoughts:


To not stumble means

not taking the risk to be

surprised by the stars


If I am transfixed

by Christ’s powerful light, then

the stumbling blocks that

clamor for my attention

will not be so important


On the other hand,

to stand in the middle of

the street looking up

means I can get splattered by

oncoming traffic, and so…


There has to be a

happy medium in life

God knows I must care

for my body, for my work,

my family, government…


But God does expect

me to look up and notice

Him throughout the day

and take some time each week to

praise His glory with others


The stars make me smile

They make me dream, imagine,

get out of myself


Whatever… it was

a magnificent thing to

see the universe tho’

for a short five minutes


Tam Raynor