The Sound was Real

Driving through Kingman, Kansas

eerie alien scary movie music

suddenly radiated, slow to loud,

from my friend’s purse

I stared at it, a bit freaked out,

and she said,

“It’s nothing, just my doctor calling!”

Laughing, I now know

what she thinks about her doctor,

applying that sound to his number!



A Blue Light Special


Traveling to the Regionals in pre-dawn darkness

I started noticing multitudes of flashing blue lights

in arrhythmic bursts, sparkles. flickers

everywhere in front of us

and thought…“terrible accident” or maybe “aliens”

I asked others on the school bus, but no one knew

We all watched the blue mesmerizing flashes

Eventually, one by one they whipped past and behind us

but they were not emergency vehicles

It dawned on me, they had to be the

circular irrigators, absolutely all of them in the area,

energetically expressing themselves

with color and with invisible liquid

Later in the day we had sixty-mile an hour winds

ah… the farmers had pre-watered the fields so

the precious dirt wouldn’t move to Nebraska

Aliens Really Exist

Watching War of the Worlds

fighting aliens with Tom Cruise

Not even aware that

beneath our own house

sinister tentacles burrow stealthily

Just as an alien pulls Tom

up into its evil grasp

my husband shouts from

the bathroom

“The tub is flooded and

the toilet’s overflowing!”

Scramble to stop the double deluge

movie and aliens forgotten

Water came from the dishwasher!

Call the plumber, who

after using the Snake

destroyed the alien

limbs that had taken over

our pipes

Evil extraterrestrials called Elms

from the planet Earth!