O, Free Leaves

The leaves are free…free!

After months of captivity, locked up

attached to trees, eating the same

thing every day, hanging

with the same neighbors constantly

Now, broken loose, they get to learn how to

fly, flip, jump, roll anywhere, alone or among

a whole gang of free golden colored spirits

in complete abandon…abandon!


Change Reactions

The few deciduous trees blaze with the intense autumnal changes

The few pine trees stoically remain unchanged, green, unaffected

The few elms just have leaves, then drop them off, and look naked

The variety resembles individual human reactions to life’s changes


Smashing a Pumpkin

Visited a pumpkin patch and apple orchard near Plains on a beautiful October afternoon

Picked a bag of apples and two pumpkins, small, yet perfect for cooking

This morning, grabbed one of the orange orbs, bagged it, went outside, lifted it high over head, closed my eyes, and threw it with all my strength down onto the sidewalk, and


(The lady at the pumpkin patch had told me to do this, if it didn’t work, it wasn’t my fault)

Bent over, picked up the bag, and grinned widely, because the pumpkin had actually split!

Cleaned it out, microwaved it, pureed the cooked flesh, made pumpkin pie custards

Mmmm…and again…Mmmm

Must say, though, my favorite part was the smashing…must do it again!