Dove in a Bad Mood

(This happened this morning under the bird feeder outside)

A girl has to look out for herself now and then

Hard winter freezing to death

Now the husband wants to get flirty

She’s hungry, had enough

Peck, jab, peck, attack

He runs for shelter

She returns to calmly eat like doves do

Then repeats the protection sequence through the day

Knowing that soon, she’ll need to start another family, but

A girl has to look out for her own self now and then

A Full Evening Palette

Primary red male cardinal and his

Used palette colored teenagers

Abstracted blue jays

Big neutral-pastel dove

Bouncy earth-toned sparrows

Brown momma red-wing black bird

All having a green summer backyard

Get together with sprinkling water

Drops from gray clouds beneath a

Blue evening sky

Cardinal Couple

Swift bullets, red male first, multi-colored female determinedly follows

gliding through warm air molecules over the field headed for a feeder

One flap of wings, penguin-like body swim up and down, up and down, one flap of wings

air swimming, defying gravity, hunting prey sitting innocently piled in the feeder


Frosty April Morning

April morning produced frosty green grass and

frozen bird bath water while birds of all

colors, yellow, brown, black, red, gray flit

around the feeder ravenous, the cold bringing hunger


April morning produced three beautiful red male

cardinals baring wings at each other over a female

eating at the feeder, cold fighting occurs over the unplowed

field, only one triumphant returns to eat with his mate