A Full Evening Palette

Primary red male cardinal and his

Used palette colored teenagers

Abstracted blue jays

Big neutral-pastel dove

Bouncy earth-toned sparrows

Brown momma red-wing black bird

All having a green summer backyard

Get together with sprinkling water

Drops from gray clouds beneath a

Blue evening sky

Colorful Evening Encounter

Water drops pop, water drops pop

Pop drop high low many pops drop

Look out the window to investigate while

Late afternoon sun shines in my eyes but I see

Cardinals! Four babies as big as mama and

Papa, reddish, greenish, brownish, lanky

Loose feathers, checking out the ground

Learning to flap up to the feeder

Chatting with each other in soft popping noises

Oops, papa caught me staring with mouth open

Flap flop pop drops of soft sweet baby sounds

As the cardinal family disappears until I go away


Cardinal Couple

Swift bullets, red male first, multi-colored female determinedly follows

gliding through warm air molecules over the field headed for a feeder

One flap of wings, penguin-like body swim up and down, up and down, one flap of wings

air swimming, defying gravity, hunting prey sitting innocently piled in the feeder


Morning Round of May

Highway engine noises rumble, babble, bang

Bird wings flutter, whish, whir

Nest chirp noises beg, chorus, crave

Non-stop until one by one chirps cease

Highway engine noises roar, growl, grumble

Bird wings pulsate, flap, flurry

Nest chirp noises warble, clamor, chirrup

Non-stop until food stills each peep

Highway sounds

Wing commotions

Nest twitters